4 Fun Fall Crafts

When fall arrives, nature around us is filling up with bright colors: what could be better than celebrating this season together with the little ones with some fun activities in the name of creativity? Here are some ideas to spend some time decorating and creating nice objects inspired by the season of falling leaves, taking a cue from the trees, animals and fruits typical of this period. Let’s find out together 4 fun fall crafts!

A painting with leaves


For example, to create something that lasts over time, just take a card and ask the child to choose some leaves from those collected. At this point you can arrange them in order from the smallest to the largest and attach them with a few drops of glue. The result will be a nice picture. Before gluing them, sorting the leaves in order of size is useful for introducing the concept of sequence to children.



You can use this pumpkin as a decoration (it stands alone) or you can hang it with a string on the wall.

To make our pumpkin we used paper discs bought on Amazon in many colors. Alternatively, to create paper discs, you can either die-cut them or create them using a glass to make the shape.

Required: 6 orange paper discs, 1 green brush, scissors, glue stick

take the disks and cut the lower part clearly;

now cut the top creating two semicircles;

take the sheets and fold them in half;

glue one side of the sheet to the side of another sheet and continue like this until you have completed and closed the pumpkin;

insert the green brush and fold it over a brush (or pencil) to create the stem.

Et voila, the paper pumpkin is ready!

The fossil leaves

With the little ones, on the other hand, you could draw the cast of the leaves, placing them on our cardboard and using pencils or crayons to trace the outline. In short, few materials, but above all love for nature and a wonderful opportunity to teach children about the seasons.



Surely you know mandalas as those geometric designs with motifs that are repeated around a center and that can also be colored. But perhaps you have never thought that they can also be made with leaves.

To make a mandala with leaves, all you need is a sticky paper support and invite the children to arrange the leaves symmetrically both in color and shape. You will create suggestive images that you can learn on the windows and in the garden.

Colorful leaves


The leaves are perfect for creating little colorful projects or to use them as molds. For example, by coloring the back of the leaf with tempera, it is possible to transfer the colors and shape of the leaf just like a print.

Instead, placing the leaf on a sheet of paper and passing over the leaf with a pencil, your children will see drawings of leaves appear.