5 Potty Training Tips

Potty training is a very important and delicate moment, a phase that determines an important step in the life of a baby and its parents. However, you have to be very careful because every human cub has their own times and therefore it is useless to chase after other children or think about staying behind on the schedule. The child who first takes off the diaper does not win any prizes. However, there are some tips that can be put into practice to help the child face potty training with ease and calmness.

1. Make the potty become a child's best friend.

A useful and not difficult advice to realize is to familiarize the child with the potty by introducing it into the bathroom even before the little one really needs to use it. Not anticipating the times is essential, but starting to show the little one that he can do it himself when he wants it is certainly a great moment. The important thing is to never use the object for obligation or punishment, but to show the child that he can pee as his mother does, alone, encouraging him to imitate

2. Dress the child in suitable clothing

It is important that the baby is truly independent and, to ensure that this is the case, parents must dress him appropriately with spring-loaded trousers and choosing panty diapers. To abolish buttons and bodysuits that do not actually allow the child to be able to remove clothes by himself.

3. Never scold the child or reward him

It makes no sense to scold the child for not being able to poop and pee on his own yet or for communicating what he has done: he is not ready. He will be the one to say when he will have the need to do it alone and when he will feel the urge to say it before having done it. Scolding a child when he is not yet ready is a serious mistake! Shame doesn't have to follow that you couldn't go to the toilet on your own. It may be useful to allow the child to help the parent clean the floor or take dry clothes. Rewarding isn't good either. The child must understand that this is a moment of development, a new phase, a habit of life that will be part of his routine ...

4. Start the routine when the connection is made

It should be remembered that sphincter control is linked to a maturation process of the baby's brain, which is why every baby is unique. Just because he succeeds earlier than normal doesn't mean he's more mature or smarter. The connection between the brain, the nervous system and the muscles that control the sphincter simply still needs to be created, and only then can you help your child create his or her own routine.

5. Invite the child to sit on the potty with toys and books

Tell the child that, when he feels the need, he can take books and potty toys with him in order to make the action less boring. In fact, the little one may be ready to feel the need to use the bathroom alone, but at the same time he may not be exactly happy. Entering the game in this moment will certainly help him!