Get Government Funds To Scale Your Daycare Business


If you are looking for a way to get government funds for your daycare business you need to work on an important foundation: a business plan to let the institutions know how your business works and grant you with possible funds.

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You will also have in your hand a document that will tell every detail of your business idea to be delivered to banks, investors or shareholders to request the loans or the capital necessary to achieve your goals.

The goal of the business plan example that we report below is to make the reader understand with a quick glance of what we are dealing with and to convince him that our idea is good, achievable and profitable. The proposed model has been simplified as much as possible in order to be able to adapt to both goods services, companies and commercial or service companies.

What to share to get the funds:

Service description

An important part not to be overlooked is that of the service which can be a good or a service that we are going to produce or market. In addition to describing it in detail, listing its characteristics, performance and functions, we will also have to indicate the time needed to develop it and to start services and marketing and the ancillary services that we will offer to the customer, i.e. assistance, maintenance, repair and training but also financing, rental or deferred payments.

Organizational plan

Let's start by describing which are the main human resources available to the company and which ones we are looking for. The roles and tasks reserved for everyone and why we believe they are suitable for filling that position and the added value they will provide to the company.

Below we briefly indicate the type of company we have adopted and the reasons that led us to this choice, also mentioning who will be the shareholders and directors and the type of administration adopted. To conclude this point of the business plan model, we describe any technologies and patents used or the intention to register one or more patents.

Economic / financial plan

This point is the most technically complex one and requires the use of good software to obtain the three- or five-year EEC balance sheet and both analytical and indirect financial analysis (the financial statement).

This part will be accompanied by tables and graphs to illustrate the turnover, both analytical and overall, the variable costs and the fixed costs and the incoming, outgoing and overall cash flows, preferably with monthly detail to highlight the financial needs for each individual period. The investments in capital goods that we plan to make to start the business and in subsequent years and also the mortgages we intend to take out with the related amortization plan will also be indicated.

We will end the section with the three- or five-year balance sheet and possibly the summary data relating to a couple of alternative scenarios to highlight which countermeasures we have foreseen in the event that things go worse than expected and we are forced to sell at lower prices or if we encounter an increase in services costs or if there is a contraction in sales volumes.

Government funds may vary for each state. Contact the local organizations to know what you need to do to have the possibility to get the funds but, a business plan and giving a deep and in detail overview about the whole business is doing and going is a mandatory first step!