Hire Based On Talent And Skills


Hiring based on talent and skills is mandatory to create a successful business. Finding the right talent isn't easy - you need to understand what creates value in different roles. And this could turn out to be one of your secret weapons in the war for talent.

Hiring the talent with the right qualifications and skills and with the best resume is important, but you should also look for the candidate that best fits the values ​​of your team and the company you are hiring for.

Hiring the right talent is a foundation

Employers and recruiters who understand how important it is to align potential candidate values ​​with their company will achieve greater productivity and team harmony and improve retention.

Employees, on the other hand, are likely to feel more engaged and satisfied with their jobs because, in the long run, a match of values ​​is more important than a match of skills.

What does "alignment of values" mean to hire the right talent?

Alignment of values ​​means understanding the driving forces behind the candidate and the company and making sure that there is a correspondence between the two. The hiring manager must promote company values ​​such as:

Customer service
The creativity
Social improvement

In your company, are teamwork, competitiveness or individuality rewarded?

Follow these five tips to find out more about the values ​​behind your company and hire the right talent

Evaluate and outline your employee value proposition (EVP), what your organization can offer, and how external candidates perceive you as a potential employer.

Observe employees as they go about their business and evaluate their work patterns within the company, trying to see them from an external perspective.

Analyze the impact that the work environment (space, light, furniture, etc.) has on employees and work practices - is your office open space? Are the environments traditional or modern?

Discuss with your employees - objectively and without judgment - about the way they work, what they like and what they don't like.

Compare the work environment and business prospects with similar companies to determine where you are.

How can I find the best solution to hire the right talent?

You need to learn how to talk to candidates during the interview to gather information about their behaviors and motivations around the job. You can develop these questions after analyzing your company's values ​​as described above.

The questions should give your interviewee a chance to offer examples from the past and understand how they match your business values.

Be open-minded - but focus on the person you need

This is the most important step as you need to make sure you know who the perfect resource would be as a great add to your system of business. What’s missing? What’s the missing energy in your business? Look for that person and you will always make the right choice!