I began a lot smaller than many of you may think. I left my comfortable, federal government job in hopes of becoming a fulltime entrepreneur. I had made a name for myself. I was a member of B.I.G. (Blacks in Government). I was directly connected with managing HUD for homeless Veterans. My work increased the employment of Black and Latinos directly. As a Licensed Social Worker, one might think I should be happy and stop there.

My passion for others led me to pursue home health care consulting fulltime. Well, that didn’t work out like I planned. I guess you can say I jumped too soon. After about six months I had depleted my savings. By me being at home, my brother and his wife needed a sitter. Well, I was available…so I volunteered. Soon after that, I moved into an apartment with a commercial space underneath. My goal was to help more families and friends by providing childcare services.

Once I settled into my new location a homeless woman reached out to me concerning a NAACP complaint. She wanted to know if I could help her. How could I not? The Social Worker in me stepped right up to the plate. I grabbed a few women from my HerPower community and we got it done. She had everything she needed; hotel, food for her children, and a friend in me. She had an interview set up. With no family and just fleeing an abusive relationship, she needed someone she could trust to baby sit her children.

Again, I stepped up. I had not completed the process to officially open my daycare…but I had to help. She was hired after her interview. She was able to get back on her feet. She could afford a nice apartment. The gratification this encounter brought me was indescribable. Needless to say, this encounter spearheaded the success or the finding of my purpose.

I started out with six children. I couldn’t afford to pay myself. I could barely make payroll, but I didn’t quit. In just a month I was filled to capacity. I moved to my second location in just six months. I had a very good friend that helped me. They believed in me. They would send me funds here and there. It allowed me to finally pay myself. Finally…I began seeing and reaping a harvest. My paycheck was $14,000!! That friend later became my husband and in three short years I grew my daycare to a multi-seven figure earning facility.

Now I want to take everything I’ve learned over the years and help women all around the world grow and scale their daycares. My purpose has evolved. Everything I went through was to help the next daycare provider reach a higher level of success.